Be a Digital Witness

Be more than a passive observer, stand with the people taking action during Break Free.

During Break Free, there will be a lot of courageous people putting their bodies on the line — let them know that world is standing with them and supporting them.

Here's how:

  1. Sign up here and let us know which of the Break Free actions you can be a witness for.
  2. On the day of the action, you’ll receive a text or email alert letting you know the action has started.
  3. You’ll go to the action’s website where you can follow different forms of live coverage  — a live stream, live social media feeds or other forms of communication.
  4. As the action unfolds, you can amplify the action and send messages of support.


Which actions are you willing to be a digital witness for? (You can check as many as work for you.)

Upcoming Actions

All times are in GMT.

9 May 19:00 GMT

Maringá, Paraná, Brazil: Artistic intervention in Expo Ingá, main annual rural fair happening in the state of Paraná, followed by a mass mobilization against fracking in the city center.

10 May 10:00 GMT

Oloibiri, Nigeria: At the historic site of Nigeria’s first oil well, demonstrating the environmental and social damage that happens when the oil goes dry and the community is left with the pollution and none of the wealth to clear it up.

10 May 19:00 GMT

Wellington, New Zealand: Physically shutting down one of the region’s largest lenders to the fossil fuel industry and demanding a transition to clean energy.

11 May 02:00 GMT

Jakarta, Indonesia: A mass action of thousands of people demanding that President Joko Widodo revise his ambitious 35,000 Megawatt energy plan by moving away from coal and embracing renewable energy.

As you watch the action, you can:


Let people know this brave action is happening. Especially during crucial moments, your role will be to send out the message on your own social media (could be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc). Let your network know this is happening. Each action has its own hashtag, so make sure you use it.

If there are key moments where police are moving in or arrests are happening, it will be especially important to amplify at those times. More eyes watching around the world can help.


You can send a message of support. Let people there know you’re standing with them. Are you also facing a struggle in your community against fossil fuels? Show you stand in solidarity. An example:
Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.14.07 PM
Here is a tweet that was sent from Palawan in the Philippines to people taking part in Ende Gelände in Germany last year just as they were shutting down the continent’s biggest source of carbon emissions.

*We are also looking for people with direct action and legal experience who could help with monitoring live streams and alert rapid response teams around potential cases of police violence. If you are interested, contact thelma [a]