Other Ways to Break Free:

If you can’t join one of the major events happening this May, you are still needed. Other events are being planned everywhere. Find one near you on the map below.

Be more than a passive observer, stand with the people taking action during Break Free. 

During Break Free, there will be a lot of courageous people putting their bodies on the line — let them know that world is standing with them and supporting them. Be a Digital Witness

Be ready to support everyone on the front line:

The fossil fuel industry is still powerful, and desperate, and it’s possible that peaceful activists on the front lines will be the targets of repression. We need to be ready to support them if that happens — sign up below to get rapid response emails if, or when, we need to get the word out on their behalf:

Tell the Big Banks: Stop bankrolling Exxon’s climate denial!

If you can’t be out in the streets to join the Break Free movement, but are fed up with Big Oil, there’s another way to make your voice heard. We’re jumping at the chance to hit them where it hurts — their wallets — by stripping Exxon Mobil of a massive $5 billion loan.

Exxon owes big banks like Bank of America, Citibank and HSBC a 5 billion dollars loan! And it is about to be renewed in August. But if we can push the banks not to renew Exxon’s loan, it’ll be a big blow to its power and influence.

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