The following ideas have been agreed as the strategic values of Break Free from Fossil Fuels. To be registered on the website, the people involved in actions need to agree and adhere to these points:

From Fossils to Freedom: we seek a just, democratic energy future based on 100% renewable energy and free from the tyranny of fossil fuels. We need to accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy and keep fossil fuels in the ground. Our actions will aim to articulate this need and help bring that vision closer to being realized.

Peaceful Direct Action: The destruction of our planet and poisoning of our communities is a violent attack – we will not respond in kind. No violence, no property damage – yes to interference of business as usual. We will not harm anyone involved, even if our actions are met with a violent response. We are committed to a peaceful response to the global crisis we face.

Escalation: Break Free actions will involve increasing levels of risk and pressure appropriate to the local context. We need to be bold to translate the growing urgency and despair about the climate system into collective hope. Time is up for governments to slowly, gradually shift away from fossil fuels – it is now necessary that we, the people, stand up to dramatically accelerate the just transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy and an economic system that is not based on the exploitation of people or the planet.

Mass participation: we encourage participation in the actions from anyone and everyone who adheres to these principles. Through open organising, inviting diverse participation, and amplifying the voices of those who are at the frontlines of these efforts, our people power can grow. In this way, Break Free from Fossil Fuels is not about any individual person or any one organisation, it’s about a process of collectively standing up for the transformation that is required.

Global action: we believe it is essential to confront the ongoing shifting of responsibility for climate action around the globe. We will demonstrate that there are no longer new geographies for the fossil fuel industry to exploit or export its pollution to, and we will send a resounding signal that people are unified against their vision for our collective future. Thus, Break Free from Fossil Fuels is a platform through which people can take and create actions anywhere across the globe, using the principles and criteria above.


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