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Fabric “crossbar” flags

Flags have become a key visual in climate mobilizations; from the sunflower flags that lead the People’s Climate march to the streets of Paris during the climate mobilizations and summit to the fight against leasing public lands to big oil happening right now. They can be hand painted, screen printed, stenciled with either a roller or spray paint — or a combination of techniques

Guide: Making “Crossbar” Flags

Stencil Designs

Artist Cesar Maxit created a couple good looking stencil designs to make flags or signs.

Download: Stencils by Cesar Maxit

Guides + How-To’s

Here is a menu of some favorite arts projects to do together with your group, friends or community for Actions; How to make: “crossbar flags, sunflowers, pieces of the solution project, art-poster signs, parachute banner, forming a drum corps, and On/Off signs-graphics.

More Art Projects

Arts Cantastoria

Here’s the Break Free from Fossil Fuels/Keep it in the Ground “Cantastoria” to be performed for education, resistance and fun — for  performing (rhyming script below), for a visual at actions and events, and for reaching out in public, at community events and gatherings.

Also included:

  • What’s a Cantastoria?
  • Script: A short rhyming narration for each page
  • How Can Make One for my Group or Community?


Other Resources

Here’s a variety of forms of visual art for actions and demonstrations:

More Arts Resources

Quick Style Guide

These are the basic elements for creating visuals for the Break Free 2016 actions so that your visuals align with and connect to other Break Free materials.

Use these resources if they’re helpful, or if you think it’s strategic for your visuals to connect with the central Break Free style. If not, don’t worry about it! Go with what feels right to you and your audience.

For more details, check out the full Break Free style guide →


  •    Teal #35C9C5
  •    Orange #FFA901
  •    Dark Gray #172928
  •    Light Gray #E4EBEF
  •    Red #FF6753



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